Breaking new ground in seismic sensing

Seitec creates bespoke seismic sensing systems which can detect, classify and track targets of interest.


Seitec concentrates on developing new seismic technology to fulfil the needs of its customers. We lean on Australian industry and academia to ensure support of the exceptional talent pool right here in our back yard. 

Sovereign Capability

Seitec is currently developing UXOTrackS which detects, classifies and localises ordnance impacts.

UXOTrackS will serve as the basis on several more technologies in the works. All design and manufacture has been carried out in Australia.

Customer Focus

Our philosophy is the product must be borne from the true needs of a customer. The customer is our primary focus in all decision making and ensuring fit for purpose is essential for success.

In Development...


The UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) Tracking System creates a wide aperture, ordnance impact detection, localisation and classification capability.
  • Employed on weapons ranges, the system improves safety and reduces UXO search costs by providing near real time feedback to range control
  • Employed on deployed bases, the system can be used to detect and localise ordnance impacts from attacks to improve resilience and decrease time to return to full operation.  

Seitec Pty Ltd

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